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Friction Stir Welding

As a kind of green and environment-friendly solid-phase connection technology, friction stir welding can efficiently realize high-performance in aerospace, railway locomotives, power electronics and other related products.
We offer services from structure design to the welding system and one set of solutions for intelligent production line. Risong Weldstone has long committed to friction stir welding technology engineering application. We have provided welding technology solutions for our customers, including CRRC, Huawei, Citic and others.
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Usable for welding thick aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy. 

Solid phase welding process, low welding heat input, small welding deformation; 

Pure mechanical and automotive welding process, good and stabile seam welding performance;

It can realize welding of 30mm thick aluminum alloy at one time with high efficiency and low cost;

Heavy duty friction stir welding equipment with high structural rigidity, good stability and other characteristics; 

Complete product line provider; 

Highly interchangeable Product line, usable for manufacture of many kinds of products.